9 Magnetic Lashes That Will Transform the Look of Your Eyes

It’s no secret we absolutely love falsies. The best part about false eyelashes is that they make your lashes look naturally amped up without having to put on a billion coats of mascara or get lash extensions put in, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Essentially, falsies are the way to go, particularly if you’re planning on attending a big event, since they look heavenly in photos.

There’s one big problem with falsies, however—they can get messy. No matter how many times you’ve applied false lashes before, lash glue can get sticky and gloopy. This is where magnetic lashes come in. Rather than using lash glue and waiting for it to get tacky, magnetic lashes use magnetized eyeliner and tiny micro-magnets on the lash strips. This means that you can instantly bond your lashes to the eyeliner and move them around as needed without having to worry about making a mess. 

Not all magnetic lashes are created equal, of course, so we rounded up our nine favorites. These magnetic lashes won’t let you down—trust us. 

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