Can You Improve Customer Experience Through Outsourcing?

If you’re planning to outsource some (or all) of your CX operations, what should go into finding a partner?

According to a recent TELUS International survey, 84% of enterprise technology executives polled said they plan to work with an external provider in some capacity to achieve their companies’ CX objectives this year.

The majority (89%) of these executives consider CX to be a moderate or high priority in their organizations, ranking innovation (28%), experience (26%) and end-to-end solutions (19%) as the top three most important qualities when evaluating a digital CX provider.

According to Maria Pardee, TELUS chief commercial officer, working with the right provider can be “transformational.”

“Brands have the opportunity to shift their internal resources back to their core competencies such as designing new products and services, and R&D,” said Pardee. “That creative white space also comes from brands having the peace of mind from trusting their CX partner to stay in compliance with all customer data privacy regulations, which can vary by country and are constantly changing.”

However, working with an outside firm for CX can present some challenges. Following the three strategies below can help firms navigate these challenges while seeing great advantages.

1. Define Success

“Gone are the days of CX firms being merely vendors within a company’s CX ecosystem,” said John E. Thompson, ibex global head of sales. “The transition to a partnership ecosystem is an industry best practice that has been adopted by many of the globe’s most recognized brands. These brands are also the most tenured in terms of outsourcing.”

Establish early on what success looks like, how success is measured and what the company’s long-term goals and objectives are from a customer journey standpoint, Thompson recommended.

“Even though the number of non-voice interactions over the last decade has declined there remains a high number of CX interactions taking place within the call center either via a voice, chat or e-mail channel,” he said. “Therefore, the culture of the CX firm and how they manage agent experience remains a key driver toward the ultimate success of any outsourcing relationship.”

By aligning the company’s goals and objectives early on, you are laying the foundation for the agent experience, as many of these goals and objectives impact the agents’ day-to-day and as result the culture of the CX team, Thompson added.

2. Set Clear Expectations

If you want your outsourced CX partner to meet — or go beyond — your current customer service levels, you need to set clear expectations up front, said Alexander Anderson, Solar Panels Network USA digital marketing specialist.

He added, “This means being specific about what you expect in terms of response times, quality of service and results. By setting these expectations early on, you can avoid any surprises down the road.”

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