Intel Arc GPU to be announced soon: Should we be excited?

Intel’s newest GPU dubbed “Arc” will arrive on March 30 at the recently announced “A New Stage of the Game” event. Intel’s event page shows a video and some images of Arc-powered Desktops and Laptops. They’re also already selling Arc-related merch, which is kind of hilarious when you take into consideration that Intel has no track record with its discrete GPUs, making diehard fans ahead of launch unlikely. 

Nobody is sure what to expect from the new Arc GPU, even though Intel is promising better streaming, content editing,  battery life, and gaming performance. On Intel’s Arc page the company states “Dynamic Power Share Intelligently routes power between CPU and GPU processing engines to boost performance …Whether you’re gaming or creating, finishing up tasks, or just getting started on an epic session with friends, you’ll get performance for creativity, productivity, and gaming with Intel Deep Link technology.”

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