Looking for a Black Friday air fryer deal? Here’s a sizzling one

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  • Looking for a Black Friday air fryer deal? I don’t blame you. As the owner of one, I can smugly tell you it’s a kitchen appliance you won’t regret buying.

    Black Friday air dryer deals – quick links:

    Fried food with a fraction of the oil from a normal fryer? What’s not to love? They’re super versatile, since they can cook chips, chicken and all sorts of dishes you want to make crispy, plus they’re much easier and cost-effective to run than their alternatives.

    So now that I’ve convinced you to make the switch, let’s look at some of the best Black Friday air fryer deals around shall we? There are loads of great bargains, from Ninja to Tefal and more. Shop them below.

    Black Friday air dryer deals

    Is air fryer food healthier?

    It has been found that air fryers use around 70 to 80% less fat than deep fat fryers, so yes, they’re a much healthier alternative if you want at home chips.

    Are air fryers worth it?

    As well as the above point, using an air fryer will use less power than switching on and running your oven. Depending on what you cook and which machine you use, it does cook quicker too.

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