The 29 Best Affordable Flat Shoes, All Under $150

I’m going through a breakup. And no, it’s not with my significant other, it’s with my high heels. While they may be nice to look at as well as offer my 5’3” frame some much needed height, let’s be real, they wreak havoc on your feet. Even a comfortable pair only stays comfortable until you wear them for more than an hour. And if you actually have to walk somewhere? As in, more than three blocks? Forget it. Game over. Not to mention the pandemic made me feet a little too comfortable with slippers and all manner of flat shoes.

The good news is: I’m not even upset about it. There are so many amazingly chic and affordable flat options out there right now, that I don’t even miss my heels. If you’re thinking, “This is all well and good, but there’s no way a pair of flats can compare to my going out heels,” think again, because I’ve found a replacement for those too. And, they’re all under $150.

Happy scrolling!   

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