The Best Hair Straightening Products for Every Hair Type

Although there are plenty of different types of straightening products out there on the market that work for various hair types, Dueñas swears by one of them in particular. “I truly believe that creams work the absolute best on all hair types,” he says. “Sprays typically require a lot more product to be applied to the hair and they have more water in them to make a product have a better spray pattern. This takes away from the smoothing anti-frizz effects of the product as well. The only time I recommend using a spray is on very fine hair or product overload can be an issue.”

Those with curls should take extra precautions when straightening their hair. Curls are naturally drier so choosing the right straightening product is key. “Straightening curls can be detrimental to hair strands if you are not taking proper care of them when heat tools are applied,” Mosley shares. “Curly hair requires an additional dose of love and hydration which is possible by using the correct technique and products. Apt care involves setting up curls with a nice nutrient-filled hydrating shampoo along with a nourishing conditioner because curls are vulnerable and susceptible to damage that can be avoided by preparing them beforehand.”

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