What The Royals Wear On Christmas Day and Eve

It’s always fascinating to see how different families celebrate Christmas, even more so where The Firm are concerned, and that included what the royals wear on Christmas Day. And while we know the extensive list of what they eat for their Christmas dinner (pudding and brandy served no later than 2pm thank you very much), we’re not as au fait with what they wear behind closed doors.

Well, as everything to do with the royal household, there are rules to follow. On Christmas eve, they take the lead from their German ancestors and open presents, which are traditionally joke ones.

The dress code for this is black tie, meaning tuxedos for the men, and floor-length gowns for the women. As it’s likely to be post 6pm, the women will also be allowed to wear diamonds, though it’s unlikely that they’d go all out with tiaras given that it’s an intimate family gathering, but then again we’ve yet to receive an invite, so who knows?

On Christmas day, the family head en masse to St Mary Magdalene near Sandringham House for the morning service. For this, ladies always wear hats, and dress conservatively, especially as the weather is so cold. Last year, both Meghan and Katie opted for tonal dressing – Kate in a berry red button-up coat with matching velvet headband and suede pumps, and Meghan in black knee high boots, midi dress and black coat, with a pillbox feather hat, and accessorising with a Victoria Beckham bag.

They traditionally wear little jewellery, as it’s still early in the day, though they sometimes adorn their coats with a brooch, as the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen did last year. The Queen also often wears her signature bright colours.

Then for Boxing Day, it’s back to casual – well, the royal family’s take on casual. As they often go shooting, they will be wearing something like wellies and Barbour jackets, and the Queen often wraps her head in a patterned scarf.

Keep scrolling to see what the royals wear on Christmas Day, from Princess Diana to Kate Middleton.

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